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postsecret is inspiring.

(PostSecret is inspiring, haha)

I want to do more than just exist. I never want to be the woman who cares more about gaining weight than dying. I want to age gracefully and die old after a long life of fulfilling dreams and disappointments. I'll never ask for the sky, just someone to enjoy it with me, to enjoy life with me. I don't care how many people I love so long as I love. And we will hold hands everywhere we go until we're 90 years old and after that? We'll hold hands in spirit.

I want to stop being the person that builds up walls and instead be the one to build roofs others find shelter under. I want to be remembered if not for doing something great, then simply living. Fuck nihilism! Living doesn't need a point, just motion. Just the motion of you walking place to place, looking out the window, waiting for joy to drive you away to a place so much better than here.

But here's great too because at least I'm living. I'll take Shakespeare down to the park and we'll hang around for awhile, sun on our face and wind in our hair, enjoying the beauty of words.

And maybe you'll stop by to breathe and bask in the milk of life because it happens gradually and suddenly, you're afraid to live.

Dear Life,

It's so nice to see you again. I've missed you so much.

<3 Shea
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