amishmechanism (amishmechanism) wrote,


elaboration on former poem.

The scariest words I have ever heard were also the most beautiful, also the most powerful, and also the most painful. The words: "I love you." Or, better yet, "I'm in love with you." Nothing will confuse the mind more than this matter of the heart but, then again, I'm not so sure the heart knows what it's doing in there either.

The hand on my hand could not console me. His eyes were reaching for something in mine but I'm not sure how I know this, seeing that I was looking straight through him and found myself distracted with the traveling sun that was shining through some buildings. The dancing skyline seemed to be an animation my imagination created, desperate to have something to focus on before I turned my head and found something else. I thanked God for ADHD as the hand left mine.

He stared into me with an ominous voice and he said, "I guess the only thing you're good for is running away."

And I ran.
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