amishmechanism (amishmechanism) wrote,

awhile ago.

painting portraits of a woman in a depth of despiration,
watching colors, feelings stir as you pass across her trepidation.
in her face there is a voice, in it: hear the earth quake.
she shakes, she shakes, she shakes.

mourning love, lost and rejected, falling into degradation,
sucking off mere shadows of the victims of her adoration.
in her tongue there is a feeling, in it: watch her heart break.
she shakes, she shakes, she shakes.

watching skies made from amethyst in a period of conversation,
lipstick on the window, she fakes arrogance and ostentation.
in her face, there is a dimness, in it: watch her fabricate.
she shakes, she shakes, she shakes.
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