amishmechanism (amishmechanism) wrote,

haha, omg. 8th grade.

yeah, okay. so yeah.
this is long, long, long ago.

A Childish Enamorment

My eyes search the ground,
My cheeks swell with crimson,
My heart skips a beat,
As I abandon all reason.

My voice stammers through,
Thick purple curtains,
Quiet yet lurid,
Brave yet uncertain.

My wits seem to scatter,
And with one tired thought,
My vision turns skew,
My stomach forms knots.

To watch you and smile,
To yearn for your hand,
To love it and loathe it,
To not understand.

How annoying it can be,
To have you within reach,
But left without the drive,
To express emotion in speech.

And so my eyes are left searching,
My cheeks are left red,
My heart is left skipping,
As I run off to bed,
To dream about you,
And curse you for being,
A sort of friend,
Just not really.
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